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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Depression At Work


Depression At Work: As we all are aware about the depression level growing at alarming rate these days. So, In this Article the Authoress have given out some ways to reduce stress thereby decreasing the chances of depression.

how to avoid depression at work


Depression at work is caused by over stress. 
It can be either due to lack of interest of work, over work, not getting promotion and many times a personal problems. 
An overstressed employee can be identified easily. 
So, it is important to find the reasons for depression and work towards finding a solution.
There are some steps and initiative that can be tackle for depression:
1. Take a deep breath
2. Check your work life balance
3. Find your hobby
4. Take up the work that you can handle well
5. Speak to your immediate boss
6. Clear your working space
7. Stand up for yourself.
8. Forget the past and think about the present then you will get presents
9. Identify your goal
10. Find problem specific solutions
11. Take good care of yourself.
12. Don't take on too much
13. Work on a positive attitude
14. Build your self esteem.
"Keep yourself busy if you want to avoid depression. For me, inactivity is the enemy." -MATT LUCAS

         Authoress  -BIBITHA PUTHUSSERY

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Farewell Speech

Farewell Speech: In this poem the poet has talked about her school's farewell where she re-collects her school day's memory.

farewell speech


  The day dawned brightly
  Peeping from btwn the cliffs
The hills were alive with the blue Haze
Highlighting the green foliage
The air was filled with the cooing of Koel's& chirping of sparrows
The flowers were blooming with a myriad of colours
But my heart was heavy
When I looked at the spire
Of our school church
Which was a landmark
In the life of we students for 14 yrs
Cause it was Farewell day
I thought of those days
When we ran about
The courtyard & veranda
Life was beautiful
We were free birds
Without a care in the world
But today.....
Oh! It's farewell day
And the day of the
End of school life
Never to return back
But for Alma mater s day or an occasional visit
Handing over our responsibility
To take new ones
There was dilemma,fear
There were apprehension
In their hearts
Through out they were
Taken care by teacher s.. Our second Parents
What r we students without u teachers?
In every thing we do
There will always be
Something to remind us of u teachers
MAY be a word ,a gesture or a thought u shared...
Will give us strength to go forward
So much to share,so much to tell
But my heart s r full,eyes r brimming with tears of sorrow
Dear Teacher s & My comrades
NOW or any time you r just a thought away from Me..... 

Poem by : Betty Susan

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Life Journey (Part 2)

Life Journey: It's the Second part of Emily's Life Journey the First part stopped at how depression hit Emily's life

For the first part of the story : Click Here

Have Hope and Be Strong

Yes she was depressed but somewhere,
She had started thinking "I've come this far I can't turn back now"...
"I can't give up".."I have to give it a chance"..
She let in a bit of positiveness in herself she worked in being the real person she was.
She found her courage and lifted herself up..

Finally she appeared her boards(public exams) not thinking of anything but believing herself that she can do it...
Somehow her "Now or Never" attitude worked
After 2 months the results were announced she said to herself
"This is it ,after all you've gone through,this is the moment I either make it or I don't".
And there she was at 71%..

For the toppers and even the average students this percentage is barely anything.
But for her this 71 meant everything...
It was her greatest achievement...
The girl who was just passed and promoted with 41% in her 9th to the girl who finally scored 71%...was a big thing for her... some even ridiculed her for scoring less..
But no one knew the struggle she got through...
The people who had declared her a failure,a doubtful case,were the same people that looked at her with respect..what more than proving herself...
The dull flower once , bloomed into a beautiful flower today....
Life is all about never giving up and knowing miracles happen anyways always.....
All we have to do is "Have Hope and Be Strong".

Story ByEden Cardoz

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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Love Poem

Love Poem: In this poem the poet has expressed her definition of love

love poems for her


What is Love?

They told me to write about love,
It is ,
reckless intoxication,
a sudden new wave of overwhelming complication,
what makes u smile wen u r tired
who makes u love urself a bit more
who wants to know how was ur day
where u feel most alive,
kissing through the runny nose,
holding tight in panic attacks,
discussing how u love a nutella jar more than him
talking shit at 3 am
not only d goods but getting together even wid all d gross things
it is d exclamation mark to the happiest sentence that one can ever possibly write!

Poem by: Sherin Anthony

Hope you guys liked "Love Poem"
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Best Love Poems 

love poems for her

Friday, 17 August 2018

Life Journey(Part-1)


Life journey: This story narrates about a girl named Emily and her life's journey (Based on true events)

Life Journey


Often we define life's journey in different ways.
I would define life's journey as a roller-coaster.
A long roller-coaster that takes lots of pauses but finally makes it...

This is the story of a girl named Emily who had a long roller-coaster ride.
Emily was studying in the 9th grade often she was referred as negative kid with no hopes, nor any will to do anything... Just getting in for the heck of it... That was her... 
Due to scoldings from teachers, taunts from her fellow classmates her confidence had hit a new low, she had lost the will to come up and speak and be independent in her words..
Emily transformed into something that she wasn't before, depression had hit her hard.
She felt like being in a dark room filled with negative vibes irritating her.
The depression was getting intense due to which she had a lot of medical health issues.

Somehow a year passed by ,she got her 9th grade results and she was promoted with just 41%.
She wasn't surprised looking at her mark-sheet because she knew it was coming.
or maybe coz she was expecting the worse.
What she lacked was motivation.
Parents, friends tried the best to motivate Emily ,but now she was like a body with a dead soul...

Soon she started her other part of journey 
The 10th grade(S.S.C), difficult than the word seems.
Things got harder,and she started loosing her emotional control.
Her mind started diverting to the wrong and negative.
She thought it was over for her as She was the weakest kid in class.
All of it just made her loose everything.
She lost herself...

It became hard to smile for her...again the words stress and depression hit her like a truck.
Her parents started worrying.as they tried everything,seeing her cry broke their heart and made them worried...
It was like as if she had a battle with her mind and herself...
She battled everyday...
When she found herself hopeless and helpless at the end of the road.
She couldn't take up anymore, she thought of "Giving-Up"
But somewhere deep down her heart she thought, somehow she got till here, if she gave up, "she'd loose her battle".

Story By: Eden Cardoz

Hope you guys liked the first part of the story "Life Journey"

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Second Part of Life Journey: Click here

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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi: The poetess in this poem pays her respect to Mahatma Gandhi who is referred to as the "Father of the Nation".

mahatma gandhi poem

Mahatma-The Great Soul👳

Mahatma came to this earth,
And planted some seeds🌱,
Seeds of love, joy and freedom,
The world won't form, for eons to come..

Mahatma the great man enlightened one,
Won a war without sword or gun🔪🔫,
Born in saurashtra, a small coastal town,
This is because of him achieved world renown🏢

The saint of Sabarmati,our great Gandhi,
Lived a life of simplicity & marched towards Dandi,
For the wheel called "chakra", the steering of " Swadeshi",
For the drive of "Chale jao", to expel " Videshi".

Without him our country,our nation wouldn't be...
He is an Inspiration even to this day...
Therefore, to the Father of our Nation,
We owe our great gratitude and salvation........😊 

Poem By- Sharon Selvaraj

Hope you liked the poem on "Mahatma Gandhi"
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Monday, 13 August 2018

Purpose of Life

Purpose of Life : The poet tells about the harsh reality of today's world which needs to be changed or-else it would devastate everything

what is the purpose of life

I'm on Fleek

Our hands are chained to Smartphones, Our eyes look up to that Idiot-box.
No matter how much it hurts our neck, we can't take our eyes of it..

Human conversations are restricted in between some blue and green ticks...
Finger tips touch tablet screens more than human skin...

We open our mouths to stuff trash
and smear the plastic look on our face and put up the,
"I'm on fleek" caption...

Deep down its not smoking pot that gets us all excited but human touch...
In an era of plastic life and concrete view,
our eyes are longing the sight of chirping birds and other natures wonders to name a few...

Its a pity that nature is a luxury for us...
We have lost our touch with our home as we lust over money and greed...
We often forget that nature doesn't need us..we need her...

Poem by: Amrita Ambu

Hope you guys liked the poem "Purpose of Life

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Harsh Reality Of Today's World

what is the purpose of life

Friday, 10 August 2018

Cliche Poem

Cliche Poem: In this poem the poet has talked about a "girls obsessions"

Cliche poem - girls obsession


You will fall in love with her
Step by step as the story will unfold..
A girl turned to a woman
Smart,beautiful and bold

The one who goes gaga
Over Gold rings..
The one who's very touchy
About her dearly-won things.

The one who is both caring
And unheeding of social laws..
Who has good way with words
And even better with clapper claws

A women so exquisite
with a good sense of style..
On the road of hardships
Who can walk miles and miles

A women so strong
To hold every problem at bay..
Coz dude, she's original
Not at all Cliche

Poem by: Melvin Varghese

Hope you guys liked the "Cliche Poem"

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cliché poem

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Second Law of Thermodynamics: In this quote the "Epigrammatist" has tried to relate Law of Thermodynamics with Life

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Physics in LIFE

The famous 2nd law of THERMODYNAMICS says 

"Entropy of the universe is continuously Increasing". 

Means chaos is increasing every second in the universe. 

Do you know why? ?

Because of the irreversible processes around us. 

Life is irreversible process too. 

Never regret once something goes out of your hand. 

Because universe never breaks rules like us. 

So give ur best now and don't cry later for the time u lost.

Quote by: Sindhur Joshi

Hope you guys liked the quote "Physics in LIFE"

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Physics in everyday life

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Best Quotes about Life

Best Quotes about Life:The Epigrammatist has mentioned few qualities to lead a better life

best quotes about life

Challenge Yourself, Move Forward

       Having a fear in your mind, won't succeed.
    Moving back from all the opportunity will not help you to move forward.
   Have a Faith in yourself that you can defeat the "success".
  Defeat all the opportunity which comes in your way, Which will later on turns into Success.
The more you worry, more will destroy your peace of mind.
As the Word "Impossible" itself says that “I m possible".
And Once you took a task, whether it is difficult or easy, Just Say This in your mind:

Self Respect is Important!

There is a limit to everything that you do. Be it convincing a person for something ,or be it poking your nose in their lives.When you get a clear indication that they aren't comfortable with you, That's when you need to stop.
You need to understand that time changes and people change according with it.
Imposing yourself on someone else should never be an option.Let people make their mistake and move on in life, all that you can do is to improve yourself and let go off things which makes you unhappy.How much ever you get attach to a person, there comes a time to let them go. And that's the time when you realize the worth of your individuality and your own life.

Hope you guys got inspiration from "Best Quotes about Life"

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