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One sided love (Part-1)

One sided love- This is the first part of story that narrates about a girl named Aisha and her encounter with class teacher

one sided love

Unrequited Love   

There was a girl named Aisha who was simple 13 year old shy girl.
Her 7th grade summer vacation were just over and her 8th grade classes had began.
It was the first day of school , everyone was happy about the first day there was smile in everyone's face except Aisha.
The bell for the first lecture rang,as usual everyone was expecting a 50 year old man as their class teacher,
but to their surprise a 23 year old tall handsome hunk gave a entry.
When the class came to know that he was their new class teacher
Each and every student was like "OMG" and started admiring the hunk.
The Guy's name was Ivan who had just joined the school, to mention his qualities
he was very talkative and friendly nature totally opposite to Aisha's behavior.
When he was about to start the class he noticed Aisha, sitting in a corner with a sad face.
He asked her the reason to which she replied," that her that her mom scolded her while coming to school " ,there was a huge laughter in the class.
Then Ivan consoled her,
told her that, "there's only one life don't let anyone's anger spoil your mood"
And that reply bought a huge smile in Aisha's face.

Slowly Slowly, Aisha started developing feelings for Ivan,
This is where the world changed for Aisha

The Girl who used to be in her own dream world ,now couldn't stop thinking about Ivan,
he was the first crush of her life.
His one smile calmed all her storms ,
while other time a bit possessive about him talking to other girls.
Even words were not enough to describe what she felt about him
But , from 3-4 days
Ivan had stopped coming to school
At that point Aisha a bit depressed
And after hearing the news that he's in hospital at very bad condition it made her feel devastated.

After a week in hospital
Ivan came back to class
Aisha was dancing with joy it was like the princess got back her charm after ages.
Now she started realizing that she's deeply in love with Ivan

The girl simple girl with average grades started showing interest in school
scoring good marks just to impress her Prince Charming as ,a simple gesture like well done! from him would make her feel like she's in heaven.
The other students started noticing change of behavior in Aisha, whenever she saw their teacher she acted weird
So they started teasing the girl
One fine day,
The sir called out Aisha at school on a Sunday
She went, and the sir asked if it's true?
Being nervous she denied and told they were just rumors.
But she took a promise from him,that he would teach her next year too
To which he gave a promising smile 😊.
Now her last semester exams of the 8th grade was about to start
Students were worried about the exams so was Aisha
but in addition to it she was more worried whether Ivan would be teaching her the next year.
Somehow her exams got over again her summer vacations got started,
while her friends went abroad or at native places she sat alone at home wandering here and there like in Hindi they say- "Dukhi Aatma" meaning sad soul
Wandering and thinking about her class teacher,whether he would be with her next year
all the good times she spent with her Sir and the moments when the teacher appreciated her.
The girl who went to temple that day she gone to temple n with pure heart she prayed .
That Ivan should come to teach them in 9 standard ,next week she got news that Ivan is going to teach them in 9 standard also after hearing that news aisha was at the top of world.
Than 9 standard got started Aisha's heart always craves for Ivan's attention.
Whenever Aisha used to get any compliment from Ivan her heart Began to race more faster.
Ivan's one smile used to cure each n every tiredness n pain of her

But one day she got news that Ivan is dating Molly.
Molly used to teach 5 th grade students she was good looking and a type of girl whom the boys dreamed of.
After hearing about the affair Aisha's heart got broke into piecies
Pieces which will never get mended every broken thing can't be mended she was damn jealous by seeing Ivan with someone else
Jealousy hurts like a bitch ,she could no longer watch her guy of dreams spending his life with another girl
So taking a bold step she decided to quit the school ,but her mom didn't allow her in mid term she told her if she wants to leave school than she can but only after 9 grade.
After 9 standard Aisha left that school ,though Ivan was still teaching there but after a month Ivan got new high salaried job so he too left school
Aisha took help from social media to contact Ivan ,sometimes she got replies but sometimes not.
Then Aisha realizes that nothing would change her love for him though it has been a month she didn't saw him .
But still each every time Ivan was in Aisha's mind, no one was knew what Aisha was going through  not even Aisha's best best friend .
As he was the hot favorite of other students they still used to meet him ,celebrate his birthdays.
Everyone except Aisha went to those gatherings

Being fed up of all these
She confessed her feelings to her best friend Emily...

Author : Priya Tiwari

Hope you guys like the first part of "One sided Love"

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