Monday, 13 August 2018

Purpose of Life

Purpose of Life : The poet tells about the harsh reality of today's world which needs to be changed or-else it would devastate everything

what is the purpose of life

I'm on Fleek

Our hands are chained to Smartphones, Our eyes look up to that Idiot-box.
No matter how much it hurts our neck, we can't take our eyes of it..

Human conversations are restricted in between some blue and green ticks...
Finger tips touch tablet screens more than human skin...

We open our mouths to stuff trash
and smear the plastic look on our face and put up the,
"I'm on fleek" caption...

Deep down its not smoking pot that gets us all excited but human touch...
In an era of plastic life and concrete view,
our eyes are longing the sight of chirping birds and other natures wonders to name a few...

Its a pity that nature is a luxury for us...
We have lost our touch with our home as we lust over money and greed...
We often forget that nature doesn't need us..we need her...

Poem by: Amrita Ambu

Hope you guys liked the poem "Purpose of Life

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Harsh Reality Of Today's World

what is the purpose of life

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