Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Second Law of Thermodynamics: In this quote the "Epigrammatist" has tried to relate Law of Thermodynamics with Life

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Physics in LIFE

The famous 2nd law of THERMODYNAMICS says 

"Entropy of the universe is continuously Increasing". 

Means chaos is increasing every second in the universe. 

Do you know why? ?

Because of the irreversible processes around us. 

Life is irreversible process too. 

Never regret once something goes out of your hand. 

Because universe never breaks rules like us. 

So give ur best now and don't cry later for the time u lost.

Quote by: Sindhur Joshi

Hope you guys liked the quote "Physics in LIFE"

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Physics in everyday life

Second Law of Thermodynamics

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