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All you need is love

All you need is love:  Story of a couple who knew the real meaning of love and understanding

All you need is love

He got late returning home from his office,

on his way back home he re-collected all the promises he made in the morning while going to the office..

About that promise which he made to his newly wedded wife that he would return from his work as early as possible (by 8 p.m) and that ,after so many days both of them would have their dinner together 

But, due to heavy work-load he could not make up to his promise..

He could have left early from work but this thing would have risked his job,he would have got suspension

So, left with no other option he did not do that

(It was around 7:55 p.m)

Wife was expecting her husband to return home anytime ,she was waiting in the dining table with the food looking at the clock every now and then,in the clock as 8 was approaching her excitement too increased.

unfortunately she got a call..

A call from her husband saying 'eat your dinner,I would get late,don't worry about me i'll eat from the canteen' after hearing this she was heartbroken and she burs ted out with anger..

He was deeply regretting for what he did and expected a huge fight with his wife when he would reach home,what else could he could think of how would she know by what stage was he passing by ??  

But shockingly when he reached,looking at her sweaty,tired &exhausted husband her anger got developed it into a deep sad feeling for him she welcomed him , hold his bag,made necessary arrangement for his bath..And as he finished his bath she made him lie in her lap and gave him a quick head massage and after that he slept on her arms forgetting about all the pain and sufferings he encountered the whole day....

Next morning when he got up,he saw his wife with a big smile on her face holding a cup of coffee for him,he drank all of it..

while going to office he kissed her forehead ,apologized to her about for the last day and promised that on present day he would return home early, on that night she prepared the dish he liked the most..And,that day he kept his promise both ate the dinner together happily

And thereafter both lived peacefully the whole life.. 

Also,I would request all of you reading this.. To take few efforts and spare some of your valuable time with your family..

Thanks for reading

Author: Jaison Agy

Hope you guys liked the story "All you need is love"

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