Friday, 10 August 2018

Cliche Poem

Cliche Poem: In this poem the poet has talked about a "girls obsessions"

Cliche poem - girls obsession


You will fall in love with her
Step by step as the story will unfold..
A girl turned to a woman
Smart,beautiful and bold

The one who goes gaga
Over Gold rings..
The one who's very touchy
About her dearly-won things.

The one who is both caring
And unheeding of social laws..
Who has good way with words
And even better with clapper claws

A women so exquisite
with a good sense of style..
On the road of hardships
Who can walk miles and miles

A women so strong
To hold every problem at bay..
Coz dude, she's original
Not at all Cliche

Poem by: Melvin Varghese

Hope you guys liked the "Cliche Poem"

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