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Life Journey(Part-1)


Life journey: This story narrates about a girl named Emily and her life's journey (Based on true events)

Life Journey


Often we define life's journey in different ways.
I would define life's journey as a roller-coaster.
A long roller-coaster that takes lots of pauses but finally makes it...

This is the story of a girl named Emily who had a long roller-coaster ride.
Emily was studying in the 9th grade often she was referred as negative kid with no hopes, nor any will to do anything... Just getting in for the heck of it... That was her... 
Due to scoldings from teachers, taunts from her fellow classmates her confidence had hit a new low, she had lost the will to come up and speak and be independent in her words..
Emily transformed into something that she wasn't before, depression had hit her hard.
She felt like being in a dark room filled with negative vibes irritating her.
The depression was getting intense due to which she had a lot of medical health issues.

Somehow a year passed by ,she got her 9th grade results and she was promoted with just 41%.
She wasn't surprised looking at her mark-sheet because she knew it was coming.
or maybe coz she was expecting the worse.
What she lacked was motivation.
Parents, friends tried the best to motivate Emily ,but now she was like a body with a dead soul...

Soon she started her other part of journey 
The 10th grade(S.S.C), difficult than the word seems.
Things got harder,and she started loosing her emotional control.
Her mind started diverting to the wrong and negative.
She thought it was over for her as She was the weakest kid in class.
All of it just made her loose everything.
She lost herself...

It became hard to smile for her...again the words stress and depression hit her like a truck.
Her parents started they tried everything,seeing her cry broke their heart and made them worried...
It was like as if she had a battle with her mind and herself...
She battled everyday...
When she found herself hopeless and helpless at the end of the road.
She couldn't take up anymore, she thought of "Giving-Up"
But somewhere deep down her heart she thought, somehow she got till here, if she gave up, "she'd loose her battle".

Story By: Eden Cardoz

Hope you guys liked the first part of the story "Life Journey"

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