Saturday, 28 July 2018

My Family Poem


My Family Poem: In this poem the poet has described his feelings for the family


It was my very first day of school.
You walked with me to school that day,
And I held your  hand all the way
You're the strongest man I ever knew, and the one I've always looked up to.
You are the pride of the whole family.
You're not just a father but also a friend..
You never let anything stand in your way,
I am thankful God gave you to me.
Thanks, Dad, for you are one in a million.

Mommy..It is your prayers
that keeps our family strong.
You change sadness into happiness.
You change hate into love.
The one who tucked me in at night,
the one who stopped my crying
Your presence and love have always been there,
I love you mommy and forever will..
Mobs…..I know we fuss and fight,
But I love you with all my might.
You have a heart of gold.
You are one amazing soul.
Of all the big brothers in the world
I got the best
I love you no matter what...
Hamesha and forever there will be a special place for you in my heart!πŸ’•

Poem by: Melvin Varghese

Hope you guys like the poem "My Family"

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Poem on Family

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