Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Life Journey (Part 2)

Life Journey: It's the Second part of Emily's Life Journey the First part stopped at how depression hit Emily's life

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Have Hope and Be Strong

Yes she was depressed but somewhere,
She had started thinking "I've come this far I can't turn back now"...
"I can't give up".."I have to give it a chance"..
She let in a bit of positiveness in herself she worked in being the real person she was.
She found her courage and lifted herself up..

Finally she appeared her boards(public exams) not thinking of anything but believing herself that she can do it...
Somehow her "Now or Never" attitude worked
After 2 months the results were announced she said to herself
"This is it ,after all you've gone through,this is the moment I either make it or I don't".
And there she was at 71%..

For the toppers and even the average students this percentage is barely anything.
But for her this 71 meant everything...
It was her greatest achievement...
The girl who was just passed and promoted with 41% in her 9th to the girl who finally scored 71%...was a big thing for her... some even ridiculed her for scoring less..
But no one knew the struggle she got through...
The people who had declared her a failure,a doubtful case,were the same people that looked at her with respect..what more than proving herself...
The dull flower once , bloomed into a beautiful flower today....
Life is all about never giving up and knowing miracles happen anyways always.....
All we have to do is "Have Hope and Be Strong".

Story ByEden Cardoz

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