Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Farewell Speech

Farewell Speech: In this poem the poet has talked about her school's farewell where she re-collects her school day's memory.

farewell speech


  The day dawned brightly
  Peeping from btwn the cliffs
The hills were alive with the blue Haze
Highlighting the green foliage
The air was filled with the cooing of Koel's& chirping of sparrows
The flowers were blooming with a myriad of colours
But my heart was heavy
When I looked at the spire
Of our school church
Which was a landmark
In the life of we students for 14 yrs
Cause it was Farewell day
I thought of those days
When we ran about
The courtyard & veranda
Life was beautiful
We were free birds
Without a care in the world
But today.....
Oh! It's farewell day
And the day of the
End of school life
Never to return back
But for Alma mater s day or an occasional visit
Handing over our responsibility
To take new ones
There was dilemma,fear
There were apprehension
In their hearts
Through out they were
Taken care by teacher s.. Our second Parents
What r we students without u teachers?
In every thing we do
There will always be
Something to remind us of u teachers
MAY be a word ,a gesture or a thought u shared...
Will give us strength to go forward
So much to share,so much to tell
But my heart s r full,eyes r brimming with tears of sorrow
Dear Teacher s & My comrades
NOW or any time you r just a thought away from Me..... 

Poem by : Betty Susan

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